18 Mar 2011

AMD or Intel processor - which the fastest

AMD or Intel, They are probably the answer to this question is much simpler. And once you have your choice to add, many other decisions about his new team, you will save much time.


AMD processors are not able to compete with Intel for the pure speed, but that could change quickly, and while both capable of the performance that can offer simple and inexpensive. And AMD is much better compatibility with older versions of Intel, so there is no confusion about socket types and several incompatible versions of the same CPU.

AMD Athlon II processor, for example, are products of the budget. They're available in X2, X3 and X4 strains (the number indicates how many of cores), and model numbers differ according to their clock speed. Performance is not great, but the Athlon II fit in two socket AM2 + and AM3 motherboards, you have many options when building your PC.

AMD Phenom II family are the main products, has more cache memori of the Athlon II and at higher speeds for better performance. Available in X2, X4 and X6 varieties even 6-core, and again, the CPU on both AM2 and AM3 motherboard.

AMD plans to launch the new processor, code-named Bulldozer and Llano, from this June and July. Many processors are onboard graphics chips that contain some with 8 cores, and he said that the yield to 50% higher than the Phenom II, which means if it`s true that a lot of offer faster Intel Sandy Bridge Systems.

For The best results have to run to the next generation of AMD CPU  + chipset boards AM3, but the good news that once again, AMD is working to ensure backward compatibility. And so when you buy a AM3 motherboard, and you can be equipped with an Athlon II, but still Bulldozer CPU upgrade at a later date, and should not be too much of a performance penalty.

Intel :

If you look up all the performance and you have a lot of money, then Intel processor is the right way. At least in general - there are several different families are available and we must be careful that you choose.

Intel Core 2 are still available, but have a long time, and not a good deal, and if you avoid using an older motherboard work.

Instead, it is considered a core i3, i5, or Core i7, the household, offer mid-range or high-end performance is respectively. Unless, of course, is not that easy because these processors are now available in two flavors.

Mainstream Core i3, i5 and i7 are available in a Socket LGA1156 package (which defines how the processor to the rest of the system is connected, so you need a Socket LGA 1156 motherboard too). This is not the latest technology from Intel, but it is relatively affordable, and there are many compatible motherboards at every price range.

The latest Core i3, i5, i7 is codenamed Sandy Bridge and available in LGA1155 package, much more interesting. Not only that up to 40% faster than its predecessor, but also a chip on the graphics card, so if you do not look much in the way of video quality, you probably do not need a graphics card to buy.

CPU and Socket LGA1175 they run are more expensive but only marginally (which is still available in the sub-£ 1,000) if you are looking for a good solution to integrate Intel, then they are way ahead.

There is a small complication, Intel has recently identified a problem with the SATA controller chipset Sandy Bridge and had to recall many motherboards. The problem is now solved, but offers some supplies to stay until April, then you could to shop around.

The other option is currently on a Core i7 LGA1366 CPU to vote in one package. This allows you to run very fast to offer 6-Core i7, the high speed and very overclockable. They also have very expensive, however, are the lack of extras such as chips on the graphics card, and not really much faster than high-end systems Sandy Bridge, we recommend you to avoid in most situations.

17 Mar 2011

Apple new MacBook Pro is now twice as fast actions

Apple has unveiled its latest version of the MacBook Pro highlights include serving up to two times faster than previous models and is the first notebook to beam technology, which enables data transfer rate of up to 12 times faster than feature FireWire 800

Some details from Apple:

Up to 2 times faster in the core.

Intel quad-core Core i7 new standards in the 15 - and 17-inch MacBook Pro and 13 "with the new Intel Core processor double heart i5 or faster dual-core processor. - The Intel Core i7 All models with Intel chips before . recently refined So what does this mean for the new MacBook Pro Conclusion: There is two times faster than the previous generation, 1 breezing through demanding tasks such as editing high definition video, the audio compilation, or an image file several layers. And Mac OS X Snow Leopard is all the benefits of processor cores, take every last bit of processor power acquired.

Turbo Boost 2.0

Suppose you with an intense application process, such as Final Cut Pro 3 and enjoy additional power. Turbo Boost is a dynamic performance technology, which automatically increases the speed of active cores - up to 3.4 GHz. Turbo Boost 2.0 is even more dynamic and efficient. By changing the clock speed in small increments than before, which the processor performance without having to manage the efficiency. All this is done behind the scenes, so that your work just go smoother and faster.

Thunderbolt Technology

Thunderbolt technology is here -, and MacBook Pro is the first notebook available. Now, connect two DisplayPort and PCI Express. With two data channels of 10 Gbit / s, you can transfer data from more than 12 times faster than FireWire 800. And do not worry a unit or peripheral interface stub: you can connect up to six devices, including the screen. So with a small port, you get Thunderbolt-fast transfer rates and huge capacity.

Android ™ 2.2 POWERED ACER LIQUID METAL Smartphone

Bangalore 17 March 2011. Acer has announced the introduction of Acer liquid metal, Acer offers the latest smartphone, which combines performance and style in a striking metal casing. Acer liquid metal leverages the power of Android ™ 2.2 (Froy) platform and is supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon core processor allows users to surf the web without interruption to a super-speed. Acer liquid metal has been carefully designed taking into the needs of today's modern and dynamic people who need a phone now fully integrated into your lifestyle.

The liquid metal has a good 3.6 "TFT display with a capacitive touch screen users a quick and responsive, multi-touch phone. The curved back provides a unique perspective on cell phones, enables users to easily fall into the liquid metal of your Pocket or hand. The selected materials such as stainless steel cap of the battery is strong and sturdy and the chrome strips give an impression of high quality end of the tactile and visual pleasure. The liquid metal in the March HSDPA internet connection used at speeds of up to 14, 4 Mbit / s and Wi-Fi technology that enables the transmission of data 10 times faster than existing devices. LED signal on the phone informs you of missed calls, the need to recharge the battery and clear the new incoming messages .

Acer liquid metal 1500 mAh with intelligent power management means up to 8 hours of talk time and 550 hours standby. Acer Liquid Metal comes with three popular configurations, so that you can select the most comfortable for you. Intelligent Text Input and XT9 support unnecessary saves to post messages to move as fast as the fingers.

The liquid metal is a soft-touch built zoom, 5 megapixel camera with digital zoom, LED flash ensures a maximum resolution of 480 x 800 pixels for crisp, sharp images and videos that can be downloaded on social networking sites . Affect the use of four control buttons below the touch screen means that the phone is easier to control and operate the plant. The control buttons gives the user access to all phone functions without using the touch screen. The 5-megapixel camera offers improved 720p HD video recording and auto focus and smile of recognition and Dolby surround-sound experience of video surveillance.

Liquid Metal shows its uniqueness not only in style and strength, but he brings the experience pleasant and intuitive interface and software developed by Acer. Brisa was to manage a new interface developed by Acer applications more efficiently. With this function, the information is visible even when the screen is locked, helps the user to see the history of implementation and easy access to frequently used applications. Breeze also allows users to customize their home screen and return to their applications according to their specific needs process. Not just a flash, but offers a new way of using an Android device. There are two levels - the first when you unlock the phone and gives you a variety of widgets that provide you with information about social networks, climate, etc. look like Shake the (literally), take the Home screen on the other side So that some of the information and their latest collections of videos and music on the device.

16 Mar 2011

China plans to use its own chips for supercomputers

The Chinese have climbed the ranks of supercomputing updated for several years, Tianhe I currently top of the TOP500 list. Despite the success may be the last Tianhe I, China builds supercomputer with two parts from Intel and NVIDIA. (The originally used Tianhe, 2560 Radeon 4870 X2, which it was later modified for Tesla M2050 NV plates.) According to Hu Wei, chief designer of the Academy of Sciences, the country's next candidate TOP500 (point Dawn is the most, if not all require Chinese developed a microprocessor).

Chinese developers have been working on its own CPU architecture for years, China has not the fact he wants to hardware and software designed hidden natively. This new processor (known Godson, Loongson or the dragon) is far behind Intel and AMD, but quickly change.

As the industry of a country can not always rely on foreign steel and oil, the information in China has its own processor. "said Mr. Hu Weiwu, the principal architect of microprocessors Loongson for the People's Daily newspaper." We need another decade before the chips are made ​​to do justice to domestic market in China. Hopefully, after two decades, we sell our processors in China by the United States, where they sell clothes and shoes made​​. "

The next generation 65 nm processors in a position to the next Loongson Dawning 6000 supercomputer on the MIPS64 architecture, and offer four cores in an envelope of 10 W are based in a first time, taste the expansion 20W an octal core point in the Future. A major difference between the next Godson 3B includes 200 additional instructions.

They are designed to increase performance by emulation QEMU. Details are still scarce, but we were informed that the 86 tracks run 70 percent faster than reference Loongson native binaries.

We do not know much about the current performance of Godson 3B, but the infrastructure supercomputers will ultimately determine whether the Dawn has 6000 the highest performance achieved by China is waiting. Not easy to create a network with low latency intra-node is fast enough to use the capabilities of a supercomputer. Hu Weiwu indicates that is a constant challenge, noting that Chinese and supercomputers theoretically fast enough to meet the needs of the country, but "still can not use."

Godson can not see the mass market for another 20 years have experimented with the Chinese manufacturers Godson powered netbooks / mini-PC. If Godson 3B beginnings we see examples in a few years ago at the CES and Computex.

Intel plans to launch Atom processor at less than 10 watts in 2012

Intel executives said on Tuesday, and a sub-15-watt Xeon with the "Sandy Bridge" architecture later this year.

Later this year Intel will also present a software evaluation lab where customers can test the code you live in, he said.

Intel executives made ​​the revelations during a "micro server" briefing in San Francisco. The chip giant also asked to support Facebook, a natural proponent of cloud computing, its strategy, a business man has done.

Intel has already begun on the E3-1260L, a 45-watt version of the Xeon, and E3-1220L, a 20-watt Xeon server market displayed a new class of small but dense knots with a single low-power processor and to achieve a common housing, fan and change, a greater density. The so-called "wimpy" nodes can be much less than most multi-CPU servers fixed, but they are cheaper and potentially easier to implement and can be more effective, too.

In a few weeks, Intel will launch its Xeon "Sandy Bridge" server platforms, such as E3xxx series known. In 2011, Intel Xeon-segment address of 95 watts to 20 watts. "Some customers want the power consumption, lower nodes to reduce costs, and that Bazilli of them, " said Boyd Davis, general manager of Intel Server Marketing. "Others want the most powerful and everything else."

Atom version does not dominate the category, "said Davis." Our expectation is that more than MicroServer grow, grow faster and the first Xeon, "he said.

Category MicroServer an outlet that does not dominate the market, either, Boyd said it was important to note that "97 percent" of the volume delivered to customers bi-socket server tag.

"We are very pleased with the content category, " said Davis. "It will not take over the world ... but we are excited about many things, we will win, and we have the best technology to meet the costs."

the fastest one Intel Core i7 990X Extreme Edition

Processor with six cores running x86 with twelve MB third level cache. Processor works together DDR3 memory controller with 3 channels, a legacy of the Nehalem design. And in Fact, HyperThreading is a must! yes, all six cores will run up to twelve tracks at once.

In contrast to the moderate core processors, the Core i7 lack 990x PCI-Express or graphics controller. Likewise, continued the statement, if the SSE is four.2 well tolerated, but the AVX is an exclusive basis of the second generation, the scene of the bridge in recent years.

Recorded at 32 nm, the Core i7 still a monster 990x ... Transistors In fact, we tend to consider one.17 million: it is a big part of the existing bridge quad-core sand with 995 million transistors.

Operating frequencies, Core i7 does 990x three.46 GHz to 133 MHz on the Core i7 980X compared. Your multiplier 26X Turbo mode, the frequency of most three.73 GHz (gigahertz Core i7 three.6 disadvantages of the latest 980X). Extreme requirements model, a Core i7 has unlocked multiplier 990x. Aspect TDP or thermal envelope, Intel announced one hundred and thirty Watts.

Core i7 2600K with a consumption system at intervals of one hundred and twenty watts, and the Phenom II X6 1100T, which corresponds to consumption. Under load, the story is different: the Core i7 990x system reached a peak of more than 330 watts or more watts for the Core i7 980X. However, the Phenom II X6 1100T a smaller amount greedy because the Core i7-2600K

15 Mar 2011

Intel's processor fastest Running at 4.4GHz

In the middle of last year, when Intel makes parts for the pre-production for the next update to the Xeon 5600. Xeon has also done some very interesting specimens. The most striking feature of these chips is very high clock frequency. Even the slowest of this group at 4 GHz Xeon microprocessor was recorded, and posted the fastest 4.66 GHz One such example is in production and began shipping this year.

The processor was released as a Xeon X5698 4.4 GHz and that production is the fastest Intel processor.

Intel Xeon X5698 is based on Westemere based microarchitecture, and a few important differences, share many characteristics with other Xeon chips 5600th One difference, the core frequency is very high, already mentioned above. This model has only two active processor cores, and we believe that the other four cores on the die. The processor comes with 12 MB ​​L3 cache, HyperThreading, and works on motherboards Socket 1366th X5698 Intel OEM part number and number AT80614007314AA SLC32 S-spec. We suspect that this code will take stock of OEM systems only sent.